Good nutrition vital to helping parents fulfill dreams

A new survey found that nine out of 10 older Filipino adults still have dreams they wish to fulfill, but lack of strength prevents them from fulfilling their dreams. In the survey sponsored by Abbott, children acting as caregivers (aged 30 to50) and parents (aged 50 to 70) were asked about fulfilling their dreams – including what they were and what, if anything, prevented them from realizing their dreams.

Ninety-three percent of Filipinos aged 50+ think that poor physical condition limits them from fulfilling dreams. But only 20 percent of caregivers considered addressing their parents’ physical strength with nutritional support to help them to achieve their dreams.

The findings suggest that while the caregivers support their parents’ dreams mostly through financial assistance and helping them find the time, more can be done to help make these dreams a reality, particularly as it relates to how older adults get the right nutrition. Filipino caregivers could, therefore, consider helping their parents maintain good physical health and strength to live an active life.

“As one grows older, nutrition gaps and declining lean-body mass contribute to the loss of physical strength, making it difficult to perform simple tasks like walking or climbing stairs,” said Dr. Jose Rodolfo Dimaano Jr., medical director of Abbott’s nutrition business in the Philippines. “Maintaining good physical strength in older adults enables them to pursue their unfulfilled dreams in retirement.” He further emphasized that proper nutrition is an important determinant of strength, and good health is the starting point for everything that is possible in life.

However, Dimaano noted that older adults’ intake of nutrients and protein from a regular diet may still be insufficient, thus nutritional supplements may be required to fill nutrition gaps. Nutrition gaps are brought about by poor digestion and nutrient absorption, illness-induced poor appetite, poor dental function, or some loss of the ability to chew, which are all common conditions found in older adults.

This is where nutritional supplements like Ensure play a role. Ensure is scientifically designed to provide essential nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals and protein, to help with physical strength. It also has other ingredients, like medium-chain triglycerides, dietary fibers, and Fructo-oligosaccharides, for easy digestion and for a healthy digestive tract. Research shows that supplementing with Ensure for 8 weeks can help increase physical strength needed by older adults to fulfill their dreams.

The “Ensure Strength to Fulfill Your Dreams” campaign aims to remind both caregivers and parents to take the necessary action in helping older Filipino adults have good nutrition to maintain their strength. The campaign also encourages older adults to stay in good physical condition to enjoy an active retirement.


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