NDF hits military for arrest of ex-NPA rebel

By Marvyn N. Benaning / Correspondent

MARIA ROJA BANUA of the National Democratic Front-Bicol (NDF-Bicol) has urged the military to release Romeo R. Recierdo, who has been accused of being a top cadre of the New People’s Army (NPA) in Camarines Sur.

Banua revealed that Recierdo formally “rested” from his revolutionary work more than 10 years ago.

“We belie the claim of the 49th Infantry Batallion of the Army and the National Police that Recierdo is an active NPA member. He is not a secretary of any Komiteng Larangang Gerilya  of Front Guerrilla Committee [FGC] in Bicol,” Banua claimed.

“Recierdo used to be a member of the NPA but he rested from his work and has been living as a civilian and working as a farmer in his town. He lives with his family. Recierdo has been striving to become a good neighbor and citizen in Zone 3, Barangay San Ramon, Lupi, Camarines Sur,” Banua added.

“His so-called arrest is but another ‘dramatic’ show masterminded by the Aquino administration consistent with the military declaration that Camarines Sur and other Bicol provinces will be conflict-manageable areas by the time President Aquino leaves Malacañang,” Banua disclosed.

“NDF-Bicol clarifies that the basis of membership with the NPA, the Communist Party of the Philippines or other revolutionary organizations is purely voluntary. Membership is anchored on the firm belief by candidates on the correctness of the armed struggle and the acceptance of an arduous life in the struggle, which includes not only hardship but even supreme sacrifice, or martyrdom,” she said.



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