Gatchalian bill: No parking space, no car

A LAWMAKER on Wednesday pushed for the approval of House Bill 5098, that requires car buyers to present proof that they have parking space for the motor vehicles they acquire.

Nationalist People’s Coalition Rep. Sherwin Gatchalian of Valenzuela filed that bill which provides buyers of new vehicles should have ample car park space in their homes for the said purchase.

Gatchalian filed the bill owing to the observation that illegally parked vehicles are major contributors to the worsening traffic problem in major cities and towns in the country.

He said the purpose of the bill is to lessen congestion, eliminate street parking and to address the problem of pollution. One of the bill’s objectives is to limit the number of vehicles currently using the roads.

The House Committee on Transportation chairman advised Gatchalian to incorporate his proposed bill with the Sustainable Transportation System Bill since both bills are aimed to address similar targets and have similar objectives.

Gatchalian agreed to the proposal.




    1. Doesn’t make sense–this practically prohibits those who have vehicles but don’t have garages. Even a quick tour of Metro Manila will show that many who have vehicles don’t have garages. This is an anti-poor measure, which is ironic for a regime that claims to be pro-poor.

      1. Bakit street parkers lang ang pinopocus? Eh yung ibang obstruction like, vendors, kariton, tolda ng barangay, basketball court, tolda ng patay, tolda ni congressman, posteng “donated by….”, etc. Street paking can be managed just like in Marikina, Mandaluyong & Makati. Si Gatchalian kasi mayaman yan, plactic king yan. Kaya hind nila problema parking, kahit helicopter may parking sila

        1. much of those you mentioned are ‘temporary’ – except for the basketball court nasa barangay road.
          Comparing a kariton/vendor to a car?
          Hindi mo naman pwede ilagay yung kotse sa sidewalk.

          Yung street parking pang commercial area yan, hindi pang-residential

        2. Yan usually katwiran ng mga ayaw ng pagbabago kasi apektado ang ginhawa nila. “Bakit di unahin ito at ito pa?” Sa lahat ng bagay kailangan may simula, pasasaan pa at aabutan din yang mga iba na sinasabimo.

      2. Wow! Anti-poor? May pambili ng pampormang sasakyan, poor? Karamihan ng nakikitang nakapark sa daan mga brand new na sasakyan. May mg SUV pa. Tapos POOR?

      3. This makes complete sense. Taxpayers pay for roads to be used by the public. Car owners don’t own these roads. They have no right to obstruct traffic on public roads meant for the public.

        Vehicle ownership is not a basic right, it is a privilege. Businesses and private persons are obliged to provide parking for their vehicles. Kung ang tao binibilhan ng lupa para may tirahan, bakit mo aangkinin ang pampublikong kalsada para “tirhan” ng sasakyan mo?

        It’s that simple.

      4. Of course it does not make sense to someone who is doing it. Not because a lot of people are parking on the streets makes it right. Enforcing a law or ordinance that can help solve the monstrous traffic problem is not anti poor. Mas madaming mahirap ang nahihirapan, dahil sa sikip ng mga kalsada. Ang mayayaman, nasa villages. Ang kalsada ay para sa publiko, at di paradahan ng sinuman, mahirap man o mayaman.

        1. You’re right, and the more reason that streets be freed of illegally park vehicles and other obstruction so that the poor who walks and commutes ( which constitute the majority of our population ) can use the sidewalks safely and comfortably. The no parking garage, no car policy is actually a pro poor policy. Let us all cooperate on this matter and issue. Kahit dito man lang, makatulong tayo sa kapwa at sa gobiyerno.

          1. I see in my area were I live parked taxi and jeepney vehicles and also PUV some that are not even road worthy but are there taking up pedestrian walkway. but with open roads there should also be reduced speed limits and bumps put in place as this leaves the streets open for the idiots to kill kids and old folk in the streets, I have extra space in my house and rent this out Monthly to my neighbor who runs a van rental service, so if this is done can also give persons extra income who don’t own a car but the Barangay have to crack down and ours is very weak in controls in the village I live.

    2. Not only does it make sense, it is proven effective. Parking on/in the street as if it is your own, is a transgression on someone else’s right. The streets are not meant for car owners, to,park on.

  1. This bill, if passed, would be in violation of the Bill of Rights in the Constitution — the right
    to own, use and possess a property. Why wouldn’t the government or any private
    business firm construct several multi-storey parking garage (of course, with a fee) to solve
    the parking problem in Metro Manila.

    1. Are you saying you have the right to own, use and possess public roads as your own property for parking purposes? And why wouldn’t private individuals like yourself provide your own parking space inside your own property so as not to impose your own will to others by occupying road which are for public use? If you have funds to buy a car then you must have the same capacity to provide for your own parking space, if those cars were the horses of before then you will definitely argue with all the shits in the street right now.

      1. correct! karamihan sa pilipino, lalo na yung bago pa lang nagkakaroon, they are so adamant about their “rights”. btw, let the binays construct all those multi-storey parking spaces. magaling sila doon.

    2. this is idiotic. it is as if you are saying government cannot prevent you from having a driver’s license if you cannot drive

    3. This is the best possible solution to the parking situation in our country, dagdag pa na sana ayusin ung parking ng mga PUVs (jeepney, tricycle) at ayusin ung mismong public transportation natin sa Metro Manila.

    4. What about the violation of the motorists’ right to travel, where access to public roads is blocked or hampered by illegally parked vehicles? Owning and using a motor vehicle is a privilege, not a right, that’s why it is regulated through annual registration. And rights come with responsibilities, chief of which is the responsibility to respect the rights of others when exercising one’s right. Public roads are built with all taxpayers’ money. Why should one taxpayer have more “benefits” to the use of the road and be allowed to use it as personal parking space?

    5. This is the police power of the state. And right to property is subject to government regulation.

    6. Car owners who park on public roads violate the rights of the public every day. They are an obstruction to traffic and are indirectly responsible for the billions of Pesos in lost revenue daily. They may also cause delays during emergencies (rushing a patient to the hospital, firetrucks on their way to extinguish a fire), all because they put themselves before the good of the public.

      Public roads are paid for by the public. A car owner has no right to claim a piece of public road just because he decided to purchase a vehicle. Vehicle ownership is not a right. No one has ever died from not owning a vehicle. It is the burden of the car owner to provide parking for his property. Sayo yung sasakyan, ikaw yung nagdesisyon bilhin yung sasakyan, pano naging responsibilidad ng publiko/gobyerno ang parking space mo?

      Buying a car without ensuring that you have your own garage/parking space for it (that is not part of public road) is plain selfish (you think of yourself without having regard for the welfare of the public – the public suffers).

    7. Owning a car is not a right, it is a privilege. Owning one, entails responsibility. It’s your responsibility to have your own parking space, without obstructing anything nor anyone. The bill of rights does not include illegal parking.

  2. hard to implement, all those illegaly parked were already owned, so the law will not cover them. who will check and cross check parking records ?
    simplify – tow all illegaly parked cars.

  3. wrong solution mr gatchalian. magpapakahirap ka pa. jost tow illegally parked vehicles and fine them heavily. that will deter them from clogging the streets. you wont even need inspectors to know if they filed a legit parking space

    1. Alam mo pare… masyado ideal ang pilipinas na nasa utak mo. HELLLOOOOOO gising… mismong kapitbahay ko nga nasa labas ang kotse pinapark. Palagay mo sa ilang libong walang garahe ang bahay may ilang libo din tayong tow truck? Kagaguhan. Inspector lang pala ang downside sa utak mo eh.

      Ito downside sa maraming sasakyan sa kalsada.

      Mas maraming sirang kalsada
      Kapag sira ang kalsada, papaaspalto ulit
      Pagkainispalto, dagdag traffic
      Pagkanakapark sya sa labas cause din ng traffic
      Pwede pang mabunggo. Dagdag gastos nanaman yun
      Dagdag bigat sa traffic
      Dagdag usok
      Dagdag consumo ng gasolina.
      Bawas ang mga gagong kotse.

      Oh sabihin mo sakin. Di ba maganda yun? Bawas traffic pa lang nga conbinsido na ang mga tao. Idagdag mo pa yan mga lista ko.

      1. “Gagong kotse” – clearly wala siyang kotse.. lol.. for sure pag nagka kotse ka wala ka rin parking… at for sure sa labas karin paparada.. hehehehehe..

      2. So? ipatapun lahat nang sasakyan na walang parking space? too late na kung yung mga bagong bibili babarahin mo kasi yung current problem natin ngayon yung mga nabili na (hindi ba?) . mas reasonable kasi yung tow truck, hindi naman lahat nang sasakyan sabay sabay mag park sa labas.

        May roots roots pang nalalaman, o sige nga ipatapon mo milyong kotse na walang parking space.

      3. Huli at penalty lang katapat ng pasaway. Pag paulit ulit na nahuli mga yan at napenalize ibebenta rin nila mga kotse nila sa probinsya.

    2. Kung baga sa puno ang gusto mo putulin lang yun sangay. Ayaw mo hukayin yun roots. Tanga pre. Sobra.

    3. That is also a good soultion pero that wont stop the influx of newly bought vehicles who will have owners who have no parking space. Maniwala ka saakin friend these people will find creative ways to park their cars and clog up public roads.

  4. Using the streets as parking space should be given a stiff penalty. The streets are a public property and no one has the right to use it as an extension of their garage.

  5. SA USA…hindi lahat ng bahay may parking… however they widened the roads so people could park…sa central/old London people have no parking spaces at all since they’ve got very small places… kaya nga nauso ang mini cooper and other mini cars.. dahil London’s roads are very small even in paris ganun ang situation nila….

    The way to improve traffic is IMPROVE THE F*CKING MASS TRANSPORT SYSTEM! that will discourage people to buy cars… not just the system but the services as well…. hindi yung MAY BALAHURANG DRIVER..CONDUKTOR SAKA MGA BALAHURANG TELLER sa mrt at lrt..

    Hindi masamang mag park sa residential area.. basta wag lang sana balahura pumarada… and syempre dapat naman I-tow talaga ang mga sasakyan kung naka park sila sa no parking zones talaga.. lalo na sa major roads..highways.. establishments etc…


    not all homes here are built to cater to vehicles..we never thought we could buy cars.. I’m from poverty.. but with hard work.. now I’m able to buy my own car… and so are my kapitbahays!

    1. that’s inconsiderate of you. try widening roads in established cities with roads that weren’t wide to begin with. not to mention doing it at a national level. it’s going to be an endeavor that will take years to complete.

      although i do agree that improving the public mass transport system is the way to go.

      1. America did it a lot of time… a lot of nation did it also… some build underground parking facilities or build an entire ten to twenty floor building including 10 floors basement just for parking japan is one of the nation know for such parking system. we have so much underground that’s untouched, rather than building railways on top, build it underground the main problem will always be the Government always pilling their pockets first.

    2. Unlike America, the Philippines has a very small area per capita. You cannot just widen roads to accomodate parking. Parking should be built vertically, but like in Japan, this is the responsibility of the car owner and not the government.

  6. First, legislate for a price cap on parking space cost. It costs P850,000.- to buy a parking space in some condos now, plus monthly dues. rent is expensive too. if this becomes a law, opportunists could inflate the prices even more.

    1. Agree, condo parking is expensive but, dude, if you can’t afford the car and all the expenses that go with it, don’t buy. It’s as simple as that.

    2. If people can’t afford parking spaces/garages, then they shouldn’t buy cars. Stick to commuting.

  7. Also, and more importantly, say I have a parking space at home, so I get approved to purchase a vehicle. However, I intend to use the vehicle to go to work, or to the mall, etc. If I park on my street at night, let’s say 8:00pm to 8:00am, on a residential street, it might not contribute that much to traffic, since it’s low volume time. Legislate the parking spaces allotted by commercial establishments instead of the residential (or along with the residential) requirements, so that this House bill will be truly effective.

    1. huh? how can a homeowners association’s or even a local law be able to effectively stop people from buying cars or stop the car vendors from selling them?

  8. Too little, too late. This bill won’t pass as long as car makers have control over the government’s purse strings. What makes more sense is to pass a bill requiring the fat cats to open their private and secretive bank accounts and fund mass transportation. Oh, wait! That would require intelligence and fortitude, huh?

    1. you are perfectly right, sir! i’m filipino and i am 68. i have had enough years being one and i see no light in the distance that this damn race of mine will ever change. we are, as a people who were once slaves, greedy, undisciplined, and resistant to correction.

      1. Excuse me. I don’t share your negativity nor your condescending comments. Which damn race are you talking about. What gives you the right to insult your fellow Filipinos. We were never slaves. You are already 68, and you still behave like 8.

    2. Yes, the government keeps on widening the road, yet the car population increases as well. My opinion is to avoid the surplus/sales of cars, or maybe have expensive parking slots so that everyone will be discouraged to use their own private cars. How nice it would be if our roads would just have public transpo for all, have wider sidewalks and of course, a bicycle lane. 🙂

  9. Dapat unahin yung mga gunggong na negosyante na ginawa mismong parking lot ang public road. Dito mismo sa lugar namin, pati hanging signboard nakalawit hanggang sa gitna ng highway. At nagawa pang maglagay ng for customer’s parking sa gitna mismo ng highway.

    1. Ideally, dapat sabay private persons and businesses. Bakit uunahin yung isa kesa sa isa, eh pareho naman silang lumalabag sa batas at humaharang sa daanan ng publiko diba?

  10. Thousands of smuggled cars are roaming around metro manila and other cities everyday which is the root cause of the huge traffic . If these smuggling problem will not be prevented, then that bill will be useless.

  11. They should also make a law that prohibits using the streets when somebody had a birthday party or when there’s a funeral. Also a law that prohibits vendors to occupy sidewalks just to sell their stuffs.

    It is sad that we have to make laws just for this because it only takes one thing which is discipline and that’s what lots of Filipinos don’t have.

    1. It is illegal. Special permits are required to do so and must be done in advance with proper notification of the nearby home owners.

  12. That’s just part of the solution. There should also be ample parking spaces where the car owners are going. These could be on street level pay parking or multiple storey pay parking buildings.

    1. Right. That should be the solution. This Togressman isn’t thinking straight–have local governments first provide parking for its citizens foremost before anything else.

    2. There should always be ample parking wherever vehicles stall (park). The place of origin (house), the destination (school/work/hospital/commercial spaces). If there is none, then public transport needs to be enhanced and encouraged for travel to these places.

    3. Governments of more successful countries focus on creating an efficient public trasportstion first because that benefits everyone not just private vehicle owners.

  13. makes sense…how about stiffer penalties for illegal parking or urge businessmen to put invest in high rise parking area for a fee?

  14. How bout put more sidewalks and remove obstructions, one of congestion is people are walking on streets coz there are obstructions on sidewalks, check Pasay EDSA, Mandaluyong, Pasig and other places,,,

  15. another one… your the one who thinks narrowly though… 25 years ago china was a 3rd world country, a lot of our neighbors where 3rd world countries also, we are the ones who are left to dust, 50+ years ago the Philippines where a 1st world country, the needs of the few you say? wrong its a basic need of a modern nation, personally i believe an under ground system will be the best solution and designated 20 or less storage buildings for parking if possible with underground also.

  16. Masarap sana yun ganyan. I think the first to be looked at are Main Roads being used as parking areas. In streets and residential areas is a different story.

    And mind you, the car sales agents even push for sale even buyer does not have parking. I even heard one say to tell thatvthey have space for oarking when someone calls. Most probably approving part of them.

    1. In my opinion, car manufacturers/vendors should also be closely monitored and sanctioned for this activity. There should be a limit to the number of vehicles sold annually. Our government should have a tally of the running vehicles already out on public roads.

    2. Then the sales agent and car dealer should be penalize too. No parking garage, no car policy must be implemented soonest possible time. . .NOW. Everyone must cooperate.

  17. And they say this regime is pro-poor, but this is actually an anti-poor measure. Government should first provide parking space for its citizens before making such measures.

    1. How is it the government’s responsibility to provide parking for anyone’s vehicle? Vehicle ownership is a burden voluntarily incurred by the private person. It is not a right. Wala pang namamatay dahil wala silang sasakyan (sa pagkaka-alam ko).

    2. If you are poor, you don’t need a parking space. Why? Because you can’t afford a car. And why buy a car, if you can’t afford a parking space? So how is this measure anti-poor? If you want a car and free parking then go live in the provinces with wide roads, where they still allow parking along the roadside. Land in the province is still cheap compared to Manila and that’s why parking on the roadside is still OK there. In Manila every square meter is already worth a lot of money, and for you to expect free parking is just plain ridiculous.

  18. Do this immediately. They do it this way in Singapore. Kuha ka muna ng permit bago ka makabili ng kotse, kelangan meron kang parking.

  19. We need to start somewhere. No parking garage, no car policy. All LGU’s must remove all obstructions, private and public on all sidewalks and streets, no exception. Susunod ang karamihan, kung ipasusunod ang batas.

  20. This is proof that our lawmakers really don’t know how to solve problems. It is better to revise the building code to mandate ample parking for occupants of the proposed house, apartment building, condominiums, malls, stores, restaurants, and offices. The only problem with legislating now is how do you cope with existing structures. All you have to do is ban street parking. Why even add this requirement to buying a car. You can buy a car in the provinces, show an address of a relative living there and use this in Metro-Manila. This is law that is easy to circumvent, like most laws passed by our “smart” legislators.

  21. BEST PARKING SOLUTION : Paid Parking, Fees gathered from these can be used to buy Tow Trucks to impound illegal parking. Free the roads immediately.

  22. Exception to the rule: Require subdivision developers to make sure they put up a garage for every unit they construct. One cannot charge a homeowner for using the road for parking if the design of the house does not include a garage.

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