Discover true love in interracial relationships

In Photo: Lee O’Brian and Tuesday Vargas explore color-blind love in Kano Luvs Pinay.

‘Atey.” “Exotica.” “P.S.S.” or “Pinay Success Story.”

These are just some of the words people associate with Filipino women who are in interracial relationships.

Often frowned upon or ridiculed, these relationships are often depicted with plain-looking Juanas clinging to old Caucasian men.

So what then if we feature the lives of these couples without the judgment? What really is their story?

TV5 and Unitel Productions come together to adapt to Philippine TV Randolph Longhas’s acclaimed indie film, Ang Turkey Man Ay Pabo Rin, which speaks about the trials, tribulations and triumphs faced by interracial couples. Through their newest Saturday sitcom, Kano Luvs Pinay, viewers will see a juxtaposition of the Filipino experience through the eyes of a foreigner and the realization of the American dream in the eyes of a Filipina. It is a celebration of love as a universal force that doesn’t discriminate against race, color, stature or culture.

Premiering on September 5 at 9 pm and every Saturday thereafter, Kano Luvs Pinay features TV5’s top comedienne Tuesday Vargas playing the role of Conchita Evelyn Bigoy, a.k.a. Cookie, a 30-year-old single mom from a middle-class family who’s into the direct-selling business as her means to provide for her son. She logs in to, a dating site for Filipinas looking for American bachelors, and there she finds the eventual love of her life, Matthew Adams, portrayed by Hollywood actor Lee O’ Brian.

As they get along, the Fil-Am couple encounters peculiar Filipino customs, showing various cultural differences that often lead to conflict—such as karaoke music, extended families, immigration laws and, eventually, the choice between living here or abroad.

O’Brian talks up what makes their program unique from other sitcoms. “It may be a situational comedy, yet, it deals with many issues that both Filipinos and foreigners alike deal with when interacting. I have not seen another show on Philippine TV that has crossed cultural borders this much. I’m really excited to see the reaction from both local Filipinos and Filipinos abroad, along with the people who are their significant others. It’s another benefit of this opportunity, to see how those cross-cultural issues resonate with them.

“What our program is dealing with and minimizing is the tendency to see an interracial couple for something other than true love. Many times the people around the couple think it’s economically motivated, or it’s to get a visa, when in reality the two people just love each other.”

Will Cookie and Matthew’s love conquer all? Or will they eventually get lost in translation?



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