The new Avanza; Petron as Euro-4 compliant

column-full tank-al mendozaIN his speech during the September 1 launch of the new Avanza, Michinobu “The Rocker” Sugata said:  “Tonight, you will witness the remodeled and refreshed version of Toyota’s compact multipurpose vehicle (MPV), the new Toyota Avanza.”

You have the sport-utility vehicle, the Asian utility vehicle and the innovative futuristic vehicle. And now this, the compact MPV referring to Avanza.

Now to stretch the imagination further, there is also the ABC now—ABC meaning, according to Sugata-san, Always Better Cars.

“In the spirit of ABC, we are committed in constantly moving forward by improving and bringing changes [to our vehicles] to the delight of our customers,” said Sugata-san, now the longest-serving president of Toyota Motor Philippines.  “Since we introduced the Avanza in 2006, just like all the other Toyota models in our lineup, the Avanza was warmly welcome by the public not just because of its already known features of quality, durability and reliability) but also because of its functionality and overall value.  True enough, it has sold over 50,000 units nationwide since then, making it clear that it is definitely one of the preferred choices in its segment.”

The audience was warm in applause as usual and Toyota top guns, like Dr. David Go, Jose Ariel Arias, Sherwin ChuaLim, Rommel Gutierrez and Carlo Ablaza were also again on hand to give Sugata-san the cheers he richly deserved.  A missing clapper was Jade B. Sison, a Toyota public affairs mainstay who was recovering from a minor illness (get well soon, Jade).

The Avanza has a special spot in my heart because my daughter is one of the first 50,000 owners of Avanza, acquiring the model the year her first child was born in July 2006 upon the instance of her father-in-law.

Her Avanza is still as steady as ever.  As proof, my daughter’s family recently motored to Baguio onboard their trusty Avanza—rejecting my plea that they use the much-bigger Fortuner instead.

“No worries, Pops,” she said.  “We are fine with our Avanza—as always.”

The new Avanza is in a 1.5- or 1.3-liter dual VVT-I, 4 cyclinder in-line 16-valve DOHC engine that provides a maximum output of 103hp/6,000rpm, and maximum torque of 136Nm/1600-4,200rpm.

It has redesigned headlamps, and the grille and bumper have been granted a more upscale appearance that carries all throughout to its fog lamps and lower grille. It now carries an antilock braking system with electronic brakeforce distribution in all five variants, plus a child restraint system.

The 1.3 J MT (manual transmission) is priced at P667,000; 1.3 E MT at P756,000; 1.3 E AT (automatic) at P797,000; 1.5G MT at P869,000 and 1.5 G AT at P910,000.  Colors now come in blue, black, gray, silver, beige and white.

In closing his speech, Sugata-san made a pitch of the 2015 Vios Cup. “May I also invite you this weekend [September 5 and 6) at the SM Mall of Asia Bayside Road in Pasay City for the Race 3 of the 2015 Vios Cup,” he said.  “We are back in Manila and I’m told that this will probably be the most exciting leg yet!”

Like in Cebu’s exciting Leg 2, the Vios Cup’s concluding race is free to the public.

Petron pitch on clean air

THE swanky, marble-laced Makati Diamond Hotel was the setting recently of a much-desired interaction with Charmaine Canillas and Raffy Ledesma, two of Petron’s most likable top guns dear to motoring journalists. They shared us a ton of knowledge on Petron, foremost of which is Petron being a Euro-4 compliant fuel since June this year.

I fired other several questions on fuel information, foremost of which are technicalities of the unleaded versus the leaded, and the 91, 93, 95 and 100 octane ratings of Petron.

“Why is it that when we gas up, and we say unleaded, the gasoline boy usually fills our tank with the 91-grade, if not the Xtra 93 or the XCS 95 and not the Petron Blaze 100?”

Charmaine answered:  “Petron Blaze isn’t normally chosen by the gasoline boy because it is the most expensive among the four.”

Raffy said:  “You have to specify Blaze in order for the gasoline boy to load your tank with Blaze.”

The truth is, while Blaze is the first and only fuel with a 100-octane rating in the country, and thus a Euro-4 level premium plus gasoline, the rest of Petron’s Super 91, Xtra 93 and XCS 95 are all Euro-4 compliant.  The differences in numbers are mere octane ratings, which normally mean each is distinguished by power-performance based on engine response to a specific rating of fuel.

But what is a Euro 4 fuel again?

I give the floor to the famed Maribelle Alba of ADBM:  “Euro 4 is a level 4 European Emission Standard that limits the harmful content of gasoline and diesel.  It is environment-friendly and promotes public health.”

So there.

PEE STOP.  This early, Foton wants us to know about its Big Show 2015 from October 2 to 4 at the Main Hall A, World Trade Center in Pasay City.  The event has four enticing attractions: big savings, exclusive deals, test drives and off-road activity.  Call 4592121 and 0999-999-9998 for more details. Free admission…Ford says today is the best time to own a Fiesta at P48,000 all-in low down payment (with three years free service) or a whopping cash discount of P70,000!… And from Volkswagen, a zero down payment and a zero interest on its terrific Touran can be had, with the promo extended up to September 30.  Cheers!



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