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Pinoy workers are ‘happiest’ employees in Asia, Jobstreet Philippines survey shows

ilipinos are the happiest workers in their jobs compared to Asian counterparts, according to online jobs marketplace JobStreet.

JobStreet Philippines, in its nationwide Job Satisfaction Report conducted from June to July, found that 70 percent of the 7,586 workers surveyed rate themselves as “happy” with their jobs.

Of the 70 percent, 15 percent classify themselves as “very happy” while 55 percent rate their satisfaction as “quite happy.”

The 70 percent is the highest rating collated by JobStreet compared to counterpart JobStreet surveys conducted in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.

“We are the happiest employees in Asia. Compared to Hong Kong whose satisfaction rating is at 37 percent, Singapore at 51 percent, Thailand with 59 percent, and Indonesian employees are most dissatisfied with a 28- percent satisfaction rating,” said Yoda Buyco, marketing manager at JobStreet Philippines.

Buyco explained the factor driving the satisfaction rating in the Philippines is salary and benefits.

Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand put a higher premium on work relationships such as relations with coworkers and their superiors.

Even with the country having the highest taxation rate and relatively low income levels, Filipinos are happy with their jobs because of the low cost of living in the country which translates to higher purchasing power.

“If you look at our cost of living, it’s very low compared to the other Asian countries. We’re happy even if our salaries are not comparable, but if we compare the cost of services and goods, ours is still lower,” Buyco explained.

But breaking down the 70 percent “satisfied” rating among employee position levels, JobStreet Philippines found out that the higher the position of employees, the more dissatisfied they are with their job.

Seventy-nine percent of fresh graduates surveyed were “happy” with their job, compared to 67 percent happiness levels for directors and managers.

The same declining trend in happiness can be seen when comparing ratings according to tenure.

“For those less than a year in their company, they are 75 percent happy but for those longer than 5 years, only 62 percent are happy,” Buyco added.

The drivers for employee happiness, on a scale of the least to most significant to workers,  are relationships with colleagues and superiors, working environment culture and reputation, learning and development, job role, and salary and benefits.

Monetary compensation is likewise the largest consideration of the 30 percent of the workers surveyed who are unhappy with their jobs.

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  1. Nice article. Awesome to know that most of us Filipinos are very happy with our work. I attest to that. The management & workforce are being mindful on how they can keep their employees satisfied.

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