Ortigas gaming firm to design A.R. app for ‘Heneral Luna’ film

By Jasper Emmanuel Y. Arcalas

AN Ortigas-owned gaming development company is set to create an augment reality (AR) application (app) that would allow moviegoers to transform their tickets into a playlist.

Boohawi Studios Inc. (Boohawi) closed a deal on July 31 with the producers of Heneral Luna, an upcoming historical film about Filipino hero Antonio Luna, to create an AR app for the movie.

The app would be free both on iOS and Android, Boohawi COO Marc Jamero told the Businessmirror in an e-mail interview. “Although, for our initial release, it would only be available on Android since apps on iOS go through Apple’s validation process, which can take up to two weeks,” Jamero said.

AR is a technology that creates a virtual world where physical elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory inputs. For example, when you focus your smartphone’s camera on your ticket, it will instantly play the movie’s trailer and behind-the-scenes cut in the production of the film, according to Jamero.

The AR technology and movie tie-up is the first of its kind in the country, Jamero added.

“We are very happy to show our beloved country that we are coping up with the technology. This tie-up will prove that our local studios can be as creative as those in other countries and that the Philippines have awesome developers—not just us but from other studios, as well.”

Jamero added that there won’t be any additional payment for the “AR-ready” movie tickets.

Aside from AR-ready posters and tickets, the company also aims to create AR-ready billboards.

The app will be released on August 9 for Android, while there’s no definite date yet for its availability on IOS. The Heneral Luna movie is set to hit local cinemas on September 9.

Boohawi began operating with an initial capital of P1 million from Fernando Ortigas, producer of Heneral Luna. Jamero didn’t disclose the amount of the deal between sister companies Boohawi and Artikulo Uno Productions Inc.

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