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The love story of Saab and Jim

In Photo: Newlyweds Jim Bacarro and Saab Magalona

column-gab fab-jet valleMUSICIAN-model-actress-blogger Saab Magalona is now married to musician-marketing executive Jim Bacarro.

The simple but lovely wedding was held in Baguio witnessed by close friends and relatives, including the groom’s parents, Saab’s mom Pia Magalona, and siblings Unna and Maxx (who stood as Matron and Maid of Honor, respectively), Niccolo, Frank, Elmo, Arkin (who were among the groomsmen) and youngest sister Clara.  Saab’s closest friends Megan and Lauren Young were also part of the entourage, with Malou Choa-Fagar, Carolina Bunagan and husband Michael V among the sponsors.

Saab wore a Sassa Jimenez gown.  Sassa was Saab’s college friend at the Ateneo De Manila University and back then, Saab already told Sassa that she would design her wedding gown.  It was an elegant off-white gown and with details at the bottom. Like the rock ‘n’ roll girl she is, Saab didn’t wear a veil and even sported YSL booties instead of typical heels.

Like the gown, the ceremony was filled with fun twists. Like the girls had their entrance music during the reception, while Jim and his entourage entered the venue with a Star Wars gimmick which had all of them wielding light sabers.

Saab’s love story about how she met musician Jim Bacarro is like a plot for a feel-good movie, maybe like the 2001 John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale-starrer Serendipity. The two have known each other for a long time. In fact, Jim wrote a hate song about Saab back in college. But the two eventually became friends.

One day, Saab woke from a dream in which she was dancing with Jim.  The next day, Jim asked her out. The two couldn’t stop talking that the restaurant where they had their dinner date was forced to usher them out as it was well past their closing time. And that’s how their lovely love story began. They became bandmates and around a year ago, during a family vacation with the Magalonas, Jim proposed to Saab.

True, they could have been together years ago, but the Jim she met post-college was a better version of the guy she knew in school.

Back to the wedding—there wasn’t a dry eye during the couple’s exchange of vows, when Jim likened their love story to a song.  He said, “The melodies may break and the rhythm may go off-key but at the end, the song sings sweetly. This is our masterpiece and I promise you, I will never get tired of singing it.”

Maybe we can all learn from Jim and Saab. When many of us despair that we might never find the right one, sometimes it may be the person you least expect to be the one. It may not happen now, or next week or next year or the next decade, but once love hits you, better not let go and fight for it.

While Jim may have written a hate song about Saab back in college, now they are creating their greatest musical masterpiece that is marriage.


Since I didn’t want to miss Jim and Saab’s wedding, I had to miss the news conference of Xian Lim where he announced that he has been tapped to voice the feature film based on the UK’s most loved bear, Paddington.

The film is produced by Harry Potter’s David Heyman, who personally approved of Xian to be the well-loved bear’s voice for its Philippine run.

The other voice talents in the movie include Michael Gambon (who played Albus Dumbledore in the Harry Potter films), Imelda Staunton (who played Dolores Umbridge in Harry Potter) and Julie Walters (who played Mrs. Weasley in Harry Potter).

The story of Paddington was first told in a series of books by Michael Bond in 1958. The bear is easily recognized because of his trademark blue rain coat and red hat. The author makes a cameo in the movie as the man at Paddington Station.

The marmalade-loving bear is originally from Peru and was raised by his bear relatives, Aunt Lucy and Uncle Pastuzo. His original bear name being hard to pronounce, the Brown Family, which fosters him in a London home, calls him Paddington instead.

Starring in the film as Millicent, the villain taxidermist, is Academy Award winner Nicole Kidman.

Paddington will be shown on theaters nationwide on February 11.

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