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Three PHL cities rise in Tholons’s BPO ranking

THREE cities in the Philippines moved up several notches in the latest ranking of business-process outsourcing (BPO) destinations by consultancy firm Tholons Inc.

The cities of Bacolod, Baguio and Iloilo rose seven, four and four notches, respectively, in the Tholons’s Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations report.

From 93 in 2014, Bacolod rose to 86 in the ranking that Tholons began in 2006. From 99, Baguio City is now ranked 95, while Iloilo City rose to 91 from 95 in the 2014 ranking.

Paraguay’s city of Asunción rose to the 2014 ranking on Bacolod for 2015, while Panama City moved up to 99 from 112 in 2014. Iloilo City edged out the Russian city of Novosibirsk, which moved one notch down to 92.

According to Tholons Managing Director Ankita Vashistha, “the overall Top 10 Emerged Destinations saw some significant movements this year.”

Ireland’s city of Dublin dropped from the Top 10 to the 12th position, overtaken by cities continuously developing information technology-business process management (IT-BPM) capabilities in Shanghai and San Jose.

“The rise of Shanghai to the 10th rank and San Jose on its heels at 11th will be an interesting play in the following years, as both Latin American and China markets grow abound simultaneously,” Vashistha said.

“While each regional market does have its own systemic problems, each one has the potential to drive the growth of its cities toward greater heights in the Top 10 Emerged Destinations,” she added.

Vashistha explained that they see the Asia Pacific and Latin American markets showing “very positive development on a regional perspective, with an overall upward trajectory in the rankings, especially true for Tier 2  cities”

“Meanwhile, issues in Europe, the Middle East  and the African regions continue to affect specific outsourcing destinations. Sociopolitical crises of various forms remain significant as deterrents toward further IT-BPM growth.”  The cities of Manila and Cebu, to note, maintained their ranking at the Top 10 outsourcing destination. Manila stayed second from Bangalore, India, while Cebu was maintained at its 2014 rank of Top 8.

The cities of Davao and Santa Rosa also was maintained at 69 and 82, respectively, bringing all eight Philippine cities in Tholons’s Top 100 destinations for the worldwide BPO industry. 

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  1. The Philippines is definitely the location of choice for many business owners
    overseas who wish to outsource or do offshoring business. As someone who works
    for an IT Recruitment Agency (Outsourced Quality Assured, Inc.), a lot of our clients find that the Philippines is indeed a place where they see themselves investing in. Given the bright future of the BPO industry, we now have three (3) offices, which include our HQ in the Philippines – Eastwood (located in Quezon City) followed by Alabang and Cebu. With highly skilled IT professionals as well as the savings that many companies acquire from this type of business, it is not surprising why the Philippines continues to thrive in this industry.

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