Firm to build 11 power plants worth P459M in Palawan

AQA Global Power Inc. (AGPI), a local firm engaged in construction and power generation, has lined up for construction 11 hydroelectric power plants in Palawan to meet the rising power in the island province brought about by booming tourism in the island province.

As tourism further booms in the Palawan island, energy demand is expected to follow and AGPI steps in to help match it with supply, AGPI said.

”AGPI President Miguelito Alberto F. Achurra stated that since Palawan is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the country, the power supply must complement its needs so as to sustain the rising tourism industry in the city and the province,” AGPI said in a news statement released on Wednesday. The Energy department awarded AGPI 11 Hydropower service contracts estimated to contribute 131 megawatts (MW), all in the Palawan area.

AGPI specified the service contracts as the 12-MW hydroelectric power (HEP) in Marangas River in Bataraza; the 12-MW HEP in Sologon River at Brook’s Point; the 8-MW HEP in Busuanga River 1; the 20-MW HEP Illian River Kaliwa in Dumaran; 12-MW Ilian River Kanan in Dumaran; the 8-MW HEP Estrella River in Narra; the 12-MW HEP in Bato-bato River Kaliwa in Narra; the 10-MW HEP in Malasgao Kaliwa in Narra; the 12-MW HEP Inaguan River in Puerto Princesa City; the 10-MW HEP in Culasian River in Rizal; and the 15-MW HEP Barabakan River 1 in Roxas.

AGPI said that the investment cost per MW amounted to P3.5 million. Thus, AGPI’s total power investments in Palawan costs P458.5 million.

However, it said that the projects were still in the predevelopment stage.

The stage may take two years, by the least, and will be the basis whether each project will push through or not.

AGPI added that it will help Palawenos reach their dreams of a sustainable future through green or renewable energy.

Achurra said the strong support of the people for environmentalism and the protection of their natural resources were already enough to conclude that renewable energy would be a viable power solution for Palawan’s energy needs.

Previously, the island’s residents have been vocal, through mass-protests, of their dislike of generating power from coal.

On the other hand, as of 2008, the National Power Corp., which has a mandate to provide power to off-grid areas, ensures power supply to the island from its 14 power plants.

Meanwhile, AGPI has also been awarded four hydroelectric power service contracts in Lanao del Sur which was approved by Energy department in September.

The projects are located in Lake Dapao, Maitling River, Baras River and Matadi River, totalling a potential power production of 157 MWs.

AGPI is under AQA Global Group of Companies, a local firm engaged in construction and power generation.

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