Xurpas eyes businesses to reach target market

CASUAL mobile-games maker Xurpas Inc. said it is working on more businesses as it struggles to reach its consumers.

Nico Jose Nolledo, the company’s chairman and CEO, said part of its business model involves attracting other businesses into its platform to service customers, a system otherwise called business-to-business-to-customers (B2B2C).

“The B2B2C is our channel strategy, how we reach costumers. But the platform is how do you open up your customer to as many product owners as possible? Sometimes, it takes a while to get them on-board them, but once they’re on board, there’s a sudden jump in the growth of the business,” Nolledo said.

“Xurpas is not a start-up. We’ve been around since 2001. We have a very strong grasp and understanding of the opportunity. So, we’re confident technology will continue to grow as a whole. But we still have to execute that successfully,” he adeed.

He said at the beginning of the year, the company started to be aggressive with its efforts to work with more businesses so it can grow as the company adds up more firms into its portfolio other than making casual games. A big portion of Xurpas’s business remains in the Philippines, with the country contributing two-thirds of the company’s market; the rest comes from overseas, Nolledo said.

“Our core business continues to grow, but the new opportunities are showing there is a new growth trajectory,” he said.

Mobile consumer products contribute two-thirds of revenues, while enterprise solutions, such as those providing and building technology for companies, comprise the rest.

“For mobile consumers, the opportunities are very large. With the rise in Internet access, it increases our potential,” Nolledo said.

For the first quarter, Xurpas reported a profit of P103.24 million, up 51 percent from last year’s P68.37 million. Total revenues reached P752.08 million, more than double last year’s P350.42 million.

Xurpas’s mobile-consumer segment recorded a substantial growth of close to three times for the first quarter over last year’s figures.

In the past 12 months, Xurpas launched 10 new mobile casual games. It was also able to consolidate the service offerings of its latest acquisition Art of Click Pte. Ltd.

Enterprise services hit P160.31 million, up 16 percent, while other services related to its human resource-technology solutions improved by approximately 99 percent to P10.32 million.