The Gym with the Personal Touch

WHEN Jay Mariano found the perfect gym for him, there’s no slowing him down in achieving his fitness-goals. Mariano has been a client of Royal MNL Fitness for more than four months now, and he could not be any happier.

He started going to the gym in Fishermall on January 1, when he had a free trial workout during the open house session of the gym. From then on, he was on the road to achieving his fitness goal, which was to lose excess weight while gaining muscle mass in the process.

The resident of Bulacan turned down a lot of gyms along the way to reach his trusted gym in Quezon City. But what exactly did Mariano find in this gym that made him work out five times a week in spite of the long drive?

“The staff and the coaches are approachable, plus they really want you to learn,” he boasted.


Personal Training

To get the most out of his training sessions, Mariano solicited the help of a personal trainer. With Coach Romulo “Mark” Sales, he learned all the routines he needed to sculpt his body the proper way. Sales has been with him every step of the way—assessing Mariano’s progress and making necessary tweaks here and there as needed. “It is important that you do an exercise correctly, otherwise, it could lead to injury,” Mariano added.

He supplements his workout by jogging or by playing basketball before he goes to the gym in order to torch extra calories. He shared that his workout is gradually becoming difficult, but he is getting used to it.

Meanwhile, Sales shared that at one point in his life, he has been in Mariano’s shoes, so he knows how the latter feels but, more important, he has the know-how to help Mariano to achieve his goal of losing weight.


Eating Habits

A big contributor in achieving one’s fitness goal is one’s eating habits.

Before he got serious about losing excess weight, Mariano, as he described, was always in a “buffet mode”. Now, through personal training, he is extremely conscious about what he feeds himself. His meals are strictly portioned and he eats on time to increase the metabolic rate of his body. In fact, he brings his meal with him if he won’t be home to eat, so he may escape the lure of eating unhealthy stuff.

Mariano finds that going through all the efforts in keeping himself fit is useless when he does not supply his body with proper nutrition. In fact, even during his “cheat day”, he puts a cap on the quantity he eats.


The Royal MNL Fitness Advantage

What is the edge therefore of Royal MNL Fitness over other gyms? Well, it has the personal touch. The coaches monitor their clients’ progress even outside the gym. They are just a phone call or a text away to answer questions relating to fitness. Clients could feel the genuine concern the coaches have for them. It is something you rarely find in gyms.

In Mariano’s case, it is something that makes his trip all the way to Quezon City from Bulacan worth the effort.

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Image Credits: Iking Dalusong