Shell introduces DYNAFLEX Technology

In Photo: Coengineered by the famous super-car manufacturer, one of the attractions during the launch event was no other than a Ferrari car.

Story & photos by Randy S. Peregrino

TRAFFIC gridlocks and constant slowdowns have become the bane of every motorist going through their daily drives.  Not to mention, the continuing evolution of engines demand a kind of fuel to meet the requirements—more than the emission standard—to deliver the best performance and efficiency.  But whether old or new, our powertrains still go through the unforgiving driving conditions that cause diminishing effects, thus, becoming less reliable.

Shell V-Power Brand Manager Mark Malabanan (from left); Vice President for finance Jeng Pascual; Retail Marketing Director and Strategy Manager Kit Bermudez; Vice President for Retail Anthony Yam; fuels scientist Mae Ascan; President and CEO Cesar Romero; brand ambassadors Yassi Pressman and Jericho Rosales

Understanding the needs of every Filipino motorist and the goal to continuously develop better fuel formulations, Pilipinas Shell recently introduced their new and improved V-Power fuels for both gasoline and diesel-fed motors.  “For us at Shell, it’s always been our aim to meet the energy needs of the society in ways of economically, socially and environmentally viable,” Pilipinas Shell President Cesar G. Romero said.  “We strive to balance the needs of our various stakeholders and put business performance is delivered under the spirit of good governance and sound business practices.  As advocates of smart technologies, we value constant innovation when it comes to our products and services.”

It took more than five years of diligent study from the company’s research and development team of experts to finally come up with the most advanced formula—the DYNAFLEX Technology.  “Shell has always been at the forefront in terms of fuel innovations by staying at through the times to cater to our customer’s changing needs. We have a formidable roster of fuel scientists who work hard to develop the next generation fuels.  So we take pride in our best array of fuels,” Shell V-Power brand Manager Mark Malabanan said.  “Our fuel scientist also work hand in hand with Scuderia Ferrari, our technical partner to test our fuel and ensure that they are up on a par with even the most powerful engines in the world.  Our most advanced fuels are the result of extensive testing over 3 million kilometers and more than 250 different cars in varying road conditions.  Because of this we were able to step up to the challenge and deliver the best possible fuel products for our customers here in the Philippines and all over the world,” he added.

The new V-Power fuels are now available at all Shell gas stations nationwide.

“Shell V-Power with DYNAFLEX Technology contains powerful cleaning molecules and friction reducing molecules which are designed to address performance and efficiency issues.  Our three fuels, Shell V-Power Racing, Nitro and Diesel, are designed not only to improve the performance of your engines but for the first time, it’s also designed to give you engine efficiency,” Shell fuels scientist Mae Ascan said.

In terms of achieving the desired motor performance and efficiency, Shell’s new technology actively removes and prevents harmful buildups and deposits inside the fuel system.  This active cleaning process removes even the toughest deposits accumulated overtime.  Imagine your engine’s injectors and valves free from these build-ups? Cold air and fuel are delivered smoothly into the chamber, hence, produces better combustion.  Another factor is friction.  Where the oils don’t reach to lubricate, Shell’s breakthrough DYNAFLEX formulation utilizes its friction-reducing molecules.  This ensures that the area between the piston ring and cylinder wall has less friction to guarantee smoother piston stroking movements.

The new V-Power racing and gasoline fuels aid to remove up to 80 percent of performance-robbing deposits from your petrol-fed motors.  The V-Power Diesel, on the other hand, offers the best cleaning performance to restore up to 100 percent of your diesel-fed engine performance. In fact, how can we even doubt about the new fuel’s benefits if it’s also guaranteed by the well-known super-car manufacturer? “Shell V-Power is the only fuel that is coengineered and recommended by Ferrari.  In fact, every Ferrari car that comes out from the Marinella plant is initially filled with Shell V-Power fuel,” Ascan explained.

Firsthand experience of the new V-Power fuel

GIVEN the privilege to try out the new fuel, about 23 liters of the new V-Power Gasoline were loaded up to a 15-year-old car with a 1.8-liter petrol engine. The travel to Clark, Pampanga, from Las Piñas proved to be substantial enough to determine the fuel’s instant effects.  Surprisingly, it was half-way through the trip where the improved acceleration was gradually felt.  But during the drive back home was when the full effects finally manifested.  Engine response in lower revs became torquier much more in the mid-range.  As for the efficiency, 23 liters of new V-Power gasoline lasted for about 269 kilometers in total distance traveled.


Image Credits: Randy S. Peregrino

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