SCG displays innovative building materials and technology for better living

In Photo: LEED-CS Platinum building SCG head office in Bangkok

The company showcased a variety of innovation and solutions for better living on a spanning 1,300-square meters—the largest space among exhibitors at Challenger Hall, Impact Exhibition Center—in Muang Thong Thani, a large housing estate  in Pak Kret, Nonthaburi.

”It’s a cement sofa“, Sanit Kessuwan explains the 3D cement technology at the Architect ‘17

The concept of SCG’s Your iDeal Home by SCG Experience was to enable visitors to uncover their dream houses and walk them through advanced technologies. This year’s highlights include “SCG Living Tech”, the performance- based technology for better living where home constructions have different levels of efficiency; “Fluctuation of Precision” 3D Cement Printing, a sequel of the 3D printing-innovation moves from previously showcasing constructions to masterpieces closer to daily lives represented by furniture for landscape decoration. SCG has developed a cement formula and manufacturing technique in response to the design requirements; and SCG 3Decor Screen System, which offers shades, lessen heat penetrating the home, and will add exquisiteness to the home with the stunning 3D patterns.

Innovation and Technology Director of Siam Research and Innovation (SRI) Sanit Kessuwan, said, “SCG continues to be part of the Architect Fair. This year SCG’s building materials innovation and technologies for homes are showcased under the concept of Your iDeal Home by SCG Experience. Highlights of our exhibition this year are SCG Living Tech, the performance-based technology for better living tackling consumers’ core needs. The Fluctuation of Precision is the 3D Cement Printing that moves 3D printing closer to daily life of people. The SCG 3Decor Screen System offers shades, lessen heat penetrating the home and will add exquisiteness to the home with the stunning 3D patterns. We hope that the visitors will enjoy our innovations that better fulfill needs for better living. Students, graduates and everyone can gain design ideas and inspiration to further create even better innovation.”

SCG Eldercare Solution presenting “Ageless Living” for elders

Apart from the highlights above, SCG presented Cotto, the world’s leading tiles, sanitary wares and faucets brand that offers beautiful bathrooms inspired by the aesthetic of nature. Cotto displayed the latest ceramic tiles, which won Best of the Best from the Red Dot Design Awards in 2016. Cotto Italia & Grande collection showed stunning interior designs with Italian porcelain tiles that can be used in various applications from floors, walls to furniture.

Also at the event was the Tiger Brand, genuine materials on designs such as Terrazzo, Marble Render, Skim Coat and Color Render. SCG launched the Tiger Mortar Platinum Expert, which leverages protection for fine walls with infinite beauty using the Elastic Molecule Technology.

SCG Excella ceramic roof tiles were also on display, including the new Neustile X-Shield Heatblock, concrete roof tiles technology that delays color-fading and reduces penetration of exterior heat. SCG introduced the Extrusion technology, wood substitute technology from SCG, which will add designs and dimension to the home with Modeena wall decorative wood substitute and SCG Smartwood Wood Plank Lap Siding; SCG BUILDING TECH, an innovation for convenient and fast home-building construction. It helps with efficiency and consumes less time using technologies, such as the Precast Concrete System, which produces ready-to-use concrete from the factory; and Fulfil Wall System, a reinforcing steel, lightweight concrete walling system, helpful in reducing time and lessening unnecessary hidden costs while providing stronger walls.

SCG Experience Museum

SCG Eldercare Solution also presented “Ageless Living” for elders, which highlight the freedom and happiness of dwelling with others inside their homes; SCG Green Building Solution offers the opportunity to meet professionals on energy saving or green buildings who will provide consultation and share environment-friendly buildings and product knowledge; Windsor unlocks desires and uplifts safety living standards with the latest Z-Lock technology, which redefines the sliding window closing system; Shinkolite, acrylic roof sheets, Shinkolite Heat Cut, one of SCG’s eight innovations. It helps save energy, reduces heat, and allows luxurious, clean, reviving sense on the exterior; Q-CON, innovative lightweight concrete, which has been creatively developed in response to speedy and simple installation. Quality is ensured with materials that efficiently withstand heat, noise and fire.

On the other hand, SCG invited journalists from different Asian countries, including the Philippines. We visited the SCG head office, a green-building concept; the R&D Center–Siam Research and Innovation (SRI); and the SCG Experience.

The SCG head office is a flagship development for SCG, celebrating 100 years in business and achieving LEED-CS Platinum certification. The project includes a 22-story mixed-use office building and its associated 10-story parking structure for a gross building square footage of almost 540,000. The building is truly sustainable—from the design throughout the construction, functions and application of green materials, the building represents SCG’s utmost attempt to preserve the environment. Better Quality of Life SCG invested over 3.3 billion baht and more than three years building the SCG 100th Year Building. Although the building itself does not provide any indication to become an excellent ROI, but the return is excellent in terms of preserving environment and the ecology, which is priceless.

Cotto exhibit at SCG Experience

SRI, which is at the Kaeng Khoi district in Saraburi Province, is the largest producer of cement, ready-mixed concrete, dry mortar, refractory, roofing materials, insulation products and ceramic tiles. SRI was established on January 1, 1989, and according to Kessuwan, SRI has 126 researchers and supporting team, including 11 PhDs. “Our team conducts research and development for structural products and emerging technology by focusing on high value-added products and services, as well as sustainable solutions that satisfy our customers’ need.”

“We want to develop highly competent R&D personnel and create an innovative workplace culture,” Kessuwan said.

The SRI R&D Center offers 3D Printing and Self-healing Cement, including 3D Powder Printing and 3D Extrusion Printing Technology, as well as Photochromic Mortar and Magic Mortar.

Furthermore, we also visited the SCG Experience, which is a museum exhibiting all SCG products.

In the Philippines SCG has been around since 1993, with more than 1,000 Filipinos employed throughout its seven subsidiaries, including United Pulp & Paper Co.; Mariwasa Siam Ceramics Inc.; CPAC Monier Philippines Inc., SCG Trading Philippines Inc., Green Siam Resources Inc., Green Alternative Technology Specialist Inc. and SCG Marketing Inc.

Image Credits: Tet Andolong