Maxene Magalona is engaged

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FIRST of all, congratulations to lovebirds Maxene Magalona and Robby Mananquil. They got engaged recently and announced it via Instagram—on Valentine’s Day, appropriately enough. The couple are in Japan still continuing to spread the love. According to Maxene’s mother, Pia Magalona, Robby asked for her permission before they went to Japan.  Pia readily gave her blessing and when Robby popped the question and Maxene said yes, she immediately called Pia up and mom and daughter talked for almost an hour.

No immediate details were given regarding the upcoming nuptials. But, Maxene, how about doing it in Japan, since it seems to be yours and Robby’s favorite place? Congratulations!


Contrary to what ultra-conservative people think, God loves gays.  Otherwise, He wouldn’t have placed Joseph Marco, RK Bagatsing and Vin Abrenica in one show. In one show where they promise they will keep on taking off their clothes.

That show is called Wildflower on ABS-CBN. And based on the trailer and the few episodes that have aired, it looks like the boys are keeping their promise.

They took off their shirts a lot of times in the trailer, and I’m so happy! There must be a memo that was issued about them being shirtless as much as possible on the show. I’m definitely not complaining, because the abs of these boys are just so delicious, they make my flower blossom in delight. Puro pan de sal talaga! In fact, the show would be more suitably titled as “Wild Bakery” or “Wild Pandesal” or something!

But more of the boys and their abs later. Since this is an entertainment column, I must discuss what Wildflower is all about. From the press kit:

Wildflower is the story of Lily, a young girl who grew up in a loving family. Her father Dante works as a pro-bono lawyer and receives death threats regarding a case, prompting him to leave town with his family and relocate to Poblacion Ardiente. Everything is rosy for Dante and his wife, especially for Lily, who found a new friend, Diego. However, Diego’s father lusts after Lily’s mom and sexually harasses her. Without hesitation, Dante immediately files a case against Raul, who happens to be the husband of  the town mayor, Emilia Ardiente.

In just a snap, the happy life of Lily turns around as her father is killed. Lily runs away and vows to take revenge for what happened to her and her father.

While the program obviously centers on Maja Salvador and her character’s journey of revenge, it’s the male characters who will also be pivotal to the story. They will be the ones to make or break the revenge plotline of the drama. They will be dead center in the show’s twists and turns. Therefore, besides being gorgeous, the guys playing the imporant male characters should also know how to act and deliver the goods. And based on the initial episodes, it seems like they can.

Wildflower airs every day before TV Patrol. More often than not, I’m still in the office at that time. That said, let this serve as a warning that I shouldn’t be disturbed during its airing. While everyone is scrambling to get out of the office to enjoy happy hour or something, I’m more than happy to be stuck in the office during the broadcast of  Wilfdlower. And that is no small thanks to Vin, Joseph and RK…and to their abs, of course!

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