Insular Life offers one-of-a-kind plan for critical illnesses

Insular Life, the first and largest Filipino-owned insurance company, has introduced a new, stand-alone renewable term plan that provides a monthly allowance for three years from the time a critical illness is diagnosed.  The product covers 35 critical illnesses.

“Prime Care is the first insurance product in the Philippines that offers someone suffering from a critical illness a monthly allowance for three years. That lessens the burden his or her family has to carry, as he or she seeks treatment and recovery,” Insular Life  Chief Marketing Executive Amelita F. Tamayo said.

Prime Care offers a lump-sum amount upon diagnosis of a critical illness, and a monthly allowance for treatment. “The lump-sum benefit given after diagnosis can cover for immediate financial needs, like laboratory and diagnostic procedures, while the monthly allowance can cover expenses for other treatments and medication. In addition, the insured is entitled to receive a lump sum benefit equal to 36 monthly allowances in case he or she becomes totally and permanently disabled due to the diagnosed critical illness,“ Tamayo explained.

Prime Care also gives access to the world’s top doctors for second opinion advice, allowing the insured to get the correct diagnosis, medication and treatment for his or her illness.

“Should the insured want to seek a second opinion, he or she  has access to leading medical experts worldwide through Best Doctors. By being in touch with them, our insured can get a better understanding of whatever health or medical condition he may have and be presented with various options for treatment”, Tamayo said.

Prime Care is available via a simple, three-step application process through Insular Life’s e-commerce platform.

“There’s no need to fill up a lot of paper forms. Just choose your desired plan, based on the monthly allowance you wish to receive, completely fill out and submit the application form, and pay your premiums through Insular Life’s online platform,” Tamayo said.