Chupa Chups now in cars

In Photo: Lady car owners will dig this car seat-made even better with the famous Chupa Chups logo.

DID you know that your favorite Chupa Chups was originated from Spain? It was founded way back in 1958 by Enric Bernat, who got the idea after he worked for an apple jam factory Granja Asturias in the early 1950s.

That famous logo also looks better on the car mats.

Bernat supposedly got wind of the idea of a “bonbon with a stick” from a cursing mother who was scolding her child for having sticky hands caused by melted sweets.

After he broached the idea to the company of making lollipops, the investors supposedly left and he took over the company renaming it Chupa Chups, which, by the way, got its name from the Spanish term “chupar”, which means “to suck”.

In his mind during that time, sweets were not reaching their main consumer—the children. That’s why shopkeepers were instructed to place the lollipops near the cash register where children can easily reach them instead of the traditional placement behind the counter.

Within five years after he took over, the Chupa Chups company was a runaway success, it was being sold at 300,000 outlets. And after the end from Franco’s dictatorship (1939-1975), the self-funded company went international and their products were sold in Japan and in Southeast Asia countries, as well as the Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines and even in Australia.

Chupa Chups air fresheners in apple and strawberry scents

It continued its expansion in the 1980s reaching the European and North American market and, finally, in the 1990s it’s already available in most Asian countries, including China and South Korea.

Perfetti van Melle, its present owner, acquired the company in 2006. Nowadays, Chupa Chups is expanding its portfolio, not in the candy business, but also in automotive field. Believe it or not, one can now buy air fresheners for their cars, homes and even offices aside from other automotive accessories that bears the company’s famous logo.

Chupa Chups only use environment and health friendly ingredients in manufacturing their air freshener. Their air freshener lineup include fresh cut flower, fruit flavors and citrus scent that is guaranteed to keep any interior smelling fresh for weeks. Albert Go of Blade Auto Center, the official distributor of Chupa Chups automotive products, explains, “We developed this line of air fresheners based on customer feedback, which explains its ease of use and its wide variety of scents and flavors”

Aside from air fresheners, one can also buy car mats, seat covers and sunshades, which proudly sport the Chupa Chups logo. Go added, “We carry an entire lineup for automotive interiors, which are well-designed and engineered to be durable, functional and comfortable”.

Blade Auto Center was established in 2004, and is now the country’s largest chain for automotive accessories with over 35 stores nationwide. It is known as a popular alternative to Banawe in Quezon City, where motorists usually go to buy their car accessories.

Blade gained popularity, because the majority of its stores are strategically spread nationwide in all SM and Robinsons Mall. Blade offers everything you need to accessorize your ride from audio, video, detailing products dash cameras and motor oils, to name a few.

Image Credits: Patrick Tulfo