Boutique developer makes its mark

In Photo: The Address is illustrating to high-end residential buyers that seasoned niche developers bring value to the real-estate market through units with generous amenities and residences fitted out with kitchens and ample storage.

UNLIKE listed residential condominium developers, the Madrigal-Bayot Development Corp. does not, as a rule, engage in grand project launches and intensive preselling activities supported by a cadre of sales agents.

Madrigal-Bayot Vice President Paco T. Bayot of The Address
Madrigal-Bayot Vice President Paco T. Bayot of The Address

Despite its properties in strategic Metro Manila locations, the company is now perking up buyer interest through a recently completed high-end residential tower in Mandaluyong while taking pride in being a niche developer with one-of-a-kind projects. The 32-story The Address, which enjoys significant patronage from wealthy house-and-lot owners in the exclusive community next door, is its major undertaking at the moment.

According to Madrigal-Bayot Vice President Paco T. Bayot, the tower offering from one- to three-bedroom units was envisioned for end users and definitely does not have “cut-and-paste” architecture and designs the firm would be tempted to use with a higher volume of projects. The amenities and many units of The Address are oriented primarily toward the chief asset of the neighborhood, the 120-hectare Wack Wack golf course, the rare expanse of green and bird life in the heart of the bustling metropolis. Other units offer equally stunning views of the Makati City or Ortigas skyline. Completed in 2014 and now ready for occupancy, The Address is illustrating to high-end residential buyers the value that seasoned niche developers bring to the real-estate market. The units which begin on the sixth floor are generous in space and conveniences compared to industry standards. Units range from 59 square meters to 120 sq m and can be combined to make larger units.

All residences are already fitted out with kitchens that feature granite counters and ample storage space ready to be lived in. Every unit has a maid’s room that can be converted into a utility room. Moreover, the project has no parking issues, the bane of surrounding developments.

One parking slot has been allotted for every bedroom in the unit.

The overriding consideration for the design team of The Address was customer satisfaction.  This is demonstrated by special amenities that include the double height atrium of the lobby using the highest grade marble for flooring, and onyx and wood veneer accents.  Natural ventilation in all the rooms and hallways is made possible by sectional airwells that are rarely found in a majority of developments.

“The team, together with the board, deliberated with the view of living here themselves—and many of them did,” Bayot said. He himself will soon reside at The Address together with its architect, Wilbert Tan.

Brokers specializing in the area relate that, for most buyers, The Address represents luxury at good value.

While many of the buyers from the exclusive subdivision are initially drawn to the project by an intention to invest in units for lease, they eventually decide to keep them for themselves or their children, according to Noel Picaso who attends to the customer’s concerns. “Buyers notice the high ceilings in the units, the concrete walls between residences that contribute to privacy and exclusivity, as well as the availability of valets to park residents’ vehicles,” Bayot said.  A range of other thoughtful details that facilitate gracious living, likewise, prods buyers to refer other like-minded end users to The Address. Bayot disclosed that keen attention to detail will always differentiate the Madrigal-Bayot group, which also has investments in the Alabang Town Center and has participated in projects like Madrigal Business Park, Susana Heights and Ayala Alabang Village. “We’ve been in real estate long enough to know when to draw from our own experiences and when to seek help from professional managers like FPD Asia Property Services Inc. to differentiate ourselves in the marketplace,” Bayot said.

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